Understanding Why Cut is the Most Important Feature That Impacts a Diamond’s Shine


Understanding Why Cut is the Most Important Featur

Buying a luxury jewellery collection is everyone’s dream, especially diamonds as they symbolize love, security, and elegance. There is a sense of timelessness about diamonds that makes them a worthwhile investment. Diamonds are an ally to your signature look. Of all the features of a diamond, the shine is extremely important. It’s what differentiates a piece of jewellery from another. Kirtilals has been visibly brilliant since 1939 thanks to its unique and sound way of cutting the diamonds, as that is the single more significant aspect that affects the shine.

What is a diamond cut?

A diamond cut is a design or a style used to shape a diamond before polishing it. Cutting diamonds is challenging because it requires thorough knowledge, expertise, and tools to give the diamonds the perfect cut. However, cutting a diamond doesn’t necessarily mean forming the shape of the diamond. A cut is simply a diamond’s symmetry, proportions, and polish. Therefore, make sure you don’t confuse diamond cut with the diamond shape when you look for a luxury jewellery collection.

Special cutting techniques are used before the diamonds make their way to the jewellerystore. These techniques are cleaving, sawing, bruting, and cutting.

Before we understand the importance of the diamond cut, let’s briefly dive into understanding these techniques.

  • Cleaving - Cleaving a diamond refers to reducing the diamond into separate pieces and removing all the impurities in the rough diamond.
  • Sawing - In this technique, the diamond is cut into separate pieces using a diamond laser; however, unlike cleaving, sawing is the technique to give the initial shape to the diamonds.
  • Bruting - It is the actual process of giving shape to the diamonds.
  • Polishing - The last step is faceting and polishing. It is a technique that helps in giving a perfectly finished look to a diamond.

Now that the basics are clear, let’s understand the importance of a diamond cut.

Why is the cut of the diamond important?

Diamond cut is a major factor in determining the appearance of a diamond. A cut is responsible for the amount of light the stone will be reflecting. When the light passes through a diamond and its various edges, it defines the amount of shine that a diamond will emanate.

The colour, clarity, and carat will make a diamond look great. It's the cut that impacts the shine of the diamond. For example, a poorly cut diamond will reflect less light, leading to a dull and lifeless diamond. However, an excellent cut will reflect the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond. A good diamond cut can make a piece of jewellery look fabulous and visibly brilliant.

Whether you want to buy diamond stud earrings or solitaire diamond rings, check the diamond cut along with colour, shape, and carat. This information can be shared with you at the store when you go to , Kirtilals for authentic diamond jewellery. The assurance of cut, clarity, colour, and carat, along with excellent designs is the highlight of the brand.