The ultimate guide to styling nose pins for different occasions


The ultimate guide to styling nose pins for different occasions

Nose pins are a great way to add charm and elegance to your look. With a wide variety of designs and sizes available, choosing the right one to match the occasion can be a challenge. However, with a little knowledge, you can easily select the perfect nose pin to complement your style and make a lasting impression. Here, we offer some useful tips on how to style your nose pins depending on the occasion.

Finding Your Perfect Fit:

Just as you consider your face shape when picking earrings, your face shape can help determine the right nose pin designs for you:

Oval Face: Most styles work well, from delicate studs to elaborate naths.

Square Face: Circular nose pins can soften your features. Small hoops or studs with floral motifs are excellent choices.

Heart-shaped Face: Opt for delicate designs, such as tiny studs or simple chains with small pendants.

Here are some of our products and styling tips:

Elegant Floral Nose Pin in Diamond:

Weddings: Pair this floral diamond nose pin with a traditional silk saree for a classic look. You can also wear it with delicate gold or silver embroidery lehenga. The embroidery will complement the sparkle of the nose pin.

Festivals: To match the festive spirit,  you can wear it with an Anarkali in bright, festive colours such as saffron, crimson, or peacock blue. Choose fabrics such as silk or georgette for a fluid, elegant silhouette.

Kirtilals Four Leaf Diamond Nose Stud:

Weddings: Elevate your bridal ensemble with this leaf-shaped diamond nose pin. It pairs well with a Banarasi saree or a heavily embroidered lehenga. 

Festivals: You can wear it with a traditional brocade sharara. The rich patterns and intricate weaving of the brocade fabric perfectly complement the detailed craftsmanship of the floral diamond nose pin, making them a harmonious pair. For festive occasions, you can choose vibrant colours such as bright pinks, sunny yellows, or lush greens to capture the joyful essence of the event. To complete your look, you can pair the outfit with a lightweight dupatta in a contrasting colour draped gracefully. 

Traditional 7 Diamond Nose Stud:

Weddings: This nose stud features seven traditional diamonds that add significant sparkle to your look. You can pair it with a rich, jewel-toned Kanjivaram saree- such as deep ruby, emerald green, or sapphire blue. The pairing will enhance both the silk's sheen and the sparkle of the diamonds. You can also opt for a heavily embellished bridal lehenga in colours such as maroon, royal blue, or deep gold for an extravagant look.

Festivals: For a rich and royal feel, pair the nose stud with a velvet ghagra. The plush texture of velvet paired with intricate thread work can create a luxurious look. You can also pair it with a vibrant bandhani saree. The intricate, colourful patterns of bandhani sarees offer a dynamic backdrop for the sparkle of the diamonds. Choose sarees with lively colours such as red, orange, or bright yellow to reflect festive joy and energy. 

Looking for nose pin diamond jewellery for Indian weddings and festivals?

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