The Aayat Collection by Farah Khan Atelier


The Aayat Collection by Farah Khan Atelier

Kirtilals introduces you to the Aayat Collection. 

Aayat’ meaning miracle, and a collection by Farah Khan Atelier, is intricately handcrafted jewellery. It is strikingly monochromatic in black & white ceramic crafted with brilliant gold and diamonds. This stunning collection is designed to remind every woman to celebrate herself and define her unique aura with exquisite jewellery. 

Often, women forget to celebrate the miracles they create and the positivity they spread around. The Aayat collection is designed keeping in mind the unwavering spirit of women and is a reminder to celebrate and live in the moment. 

What Does the Aayat Collection Feature? 

The Aayat collection offers a splendid range of jewellery pieces, such as stackable rings, minimalistic earrings, classic necklaces, and more. Available in the price range of 41,300 to upwards of 2.27 lakh, the Aayat Collection reflects the miracle women are and creates a style statement.

Minimalist Earrings 

The collection’s minimalist earrings are designed with 18kt gold, fine diamonds and black ceramic, and are sure to add grace to your personality and shine as bright as your enthusiasm for life. These earrings remind you of your innate strength and lighten up your miraculous day because you deserve the best. 

Stackable Rings 

The monochromatic and intricately crafted stackable rings complement your look and give a finishing touch to your ensemble. Our expert artisans have designed these classic round-shaped stackable rings. They add an aura to your dazzling personality and are a piece of perfect jewellery for women for all occasions. 

Diamond Pendant 

Another jewellery for women that should be on your list from the Aayat Collection is the stellar range of our diamond pendants. This statement Aayat diamond pendant is designed with 18kt gold, brilliant diamonds and white ceramic, and enhances your beauty by giving you a subtle yet contemporary look. 

Chic Bracelet

The stunning bracelet from the Aayat Collection, crafted with 18kt gold, diamond and black ceramic shows the perfectionism of our artisans and the significance of the brilliant diamonds used in designing this exemplary piece. The black ceramic chic bracelet from the Aayat Collection is uniquely shaped. So, why not wear it on the right occasions and add that sparkle to your special moments with Kirtilals

Stardust Diamond Pendant 

What if we bring the stars to you and lend you a sparkling yet elegant look? The White Ceramic Stardust Diamond Pendant is as unique and bright as you. If you are looking for jewellery studded with fine gemstones reflecting your miraculous beauty, this dazzling pendant is the right fit for you. 

Statement Necklace 

We all want a jewellery piece that goes with every outfit. And the Black Ceramic Statement Necklace tops the list. It is carefully designed to complement your fierce, strong and charming personality. This exquisite jewellery from the Aayat Collection will help you stand out from the crowd. 

It’s Time to Celebrate Yourself…

If you want to celebrate yourself and praise your miraculous personality, do it the right way. Visit Kirtilals today and browse the entire Aayat Collection by Farah Khan Atelier. We promise you will find a jewellery piece that matches your vibe, style, and personality.