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Significance of Diamond Necklaces in Global Wedding Traditions

Weddings are often incomplete without diamond jewelry, regardless of the culture, tradition, and location. Almost every country has some ritual or belief regarding the importance of diamond jewelry, often diamond necklaces, at weddings. Here we share some of the cultural and traditional significance of diamond necklaces in weddings around the globe.  




Indian weddings are known to be grand affairs, so it makes perfect sense that the diamond necklaces that Indian brides wear are also opulent and statement pieces. In some cases, the diamond necklaces may be passed down from one generation to the next during weddings. Often mothers pass on their diamond necklaces to their daughters during their marriage. Also, brides can receive diamond necklaces as a wedding gift from their in-laws.


Due to the incredible colors and overall richness of Indian weddings, exquisite diamond necklace pieces fit right in. The brides are often dressed in vibrant and brightly colored attires. For instance, in Southern India, brides mostly wear colorful sarees with a glossy finish. Only a diamond necklace can match the splendor of such outfits. In many other parts of India, brides may wear lehengas. This traditional attire also perfectly complements the grandeur of a diamond necklace set.   


The United States of America:


In Western weddings, diamond necklaces represent timeless elegance. The design of these necklaces tends to be versatile, allowing them to be worn as an everyday accessory or for special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries and parties. Opting for minimalist designs can ensure that one can wear it almost every day. However, choosing designs that are more regal or intricate would mean that they are suited for special events only.


Most Western weddings use white and lighter shades as the backdrop. Even the bride is dressed in all white. So, diamond necklaces with white diamonds complement the attire perfectly, adding shine and glitter to the overall ensemble.


The United Kingdom:


In the UK, brides also opt for diamond necklaces to pair with their stunning white wedding gowns. Other diamond jewelry can also be used to complement the necklace. The added sparkle is simply perfect for brides who want to walk down the aisle, looking graceful and sophisticated. When chosen well, a diamond necklace can help accentuate their ensemble.




In Australian weddings too, diamond necklaces can play a significant role in the bride’s get-up. Whether it is a choker-style necklace that displays the splendor of the diamonds or a longer chain that elegantly drapes down the neckline, every option simply ups the style quotient. By choosing the perfect necklace, the bride can look her absolute best for the most special day in her life.

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