9 Bollywood Classics that Inspired our Jewellery

August 8

Hindi movie industry based in Mumbai, popularly known as ‘Bollywood’, has influenced daily life and culture in India for decades now. In fact, movies are the mainstay of entertainment and almost a religion in the nation.

Attend any Indian wedding and you will find the ladies attired in the finest garments and decked up in jewellery modelled after Bollywood fashion.

Bollywood has for long exerted a deep influence on popular Indian fashion. Any piece of jewellery adorned by an actress in a hit movie immediately becomes a prime sartorial trend for designers to reproduce.

Bollywood celebrated 100 years of Indian cinema in 2013, to commemorate this occasion and to pay tribute to the some of the iconic films, Kirtilals have designed 8 iconic jewellery pieces inspired from Bollywood.

The Black and White era in Indian cinema was heralded in 1913 with the release of DadasahebPhalke’s ‘Raja Harishchandra’. The moving images, even without sound thrilled, intrigued and captured the imagination of the Indian cinema goer with powerful performances from the actors.

Kirtilals have launched three pieces from the Black and white era inspired from the following films:
• Raja Harischandra1913
• Hunterwali1935
• Devdas 1955

Raja Harischandra was the first full-length motion picture in India produced by DadasahebPhalke, Dadasaheb is the pioneer of Indian film industry a scholar on India’s languages and culture, who brought together elements from Sanskrit epics to produce his Raja Harishchandra (1913), a silent film in Marathi. The female roles in the film were played by male actors. The film marked a historic benchmark in the film industry in India. Only one print of the film was made and shown at the Coronation Cinematograph on 3 May 1913. It was a commercial success and paved the way for more such films.

Harishchandra Necklace

Actor: Dattatreya Kshirsagar, Dattatreya Telang, Ganpat G. Shinde, Vishnu Hari Aundhkar, Nath T. Telang


Created in white gold using rubies, pearls and diamonds, this iconic piece celebrates the first motion picture of India-Raja Harishchandra. The weighing scale embedded in the piece tells the mythological story of a king so righteous and honest, that he sacrificed his kingdom, wife and son to keep his promise. The mesh of white pearls in the centre symbolizes Harishchandra’s staunch adherence to his principles of honesty and trust. Glittering diamonds, white gold, flawless white pearls and a magnetic black pearl in the centre bring out the magic of black and white cinematic experience.


Actor: Fearless Nadia (Mary Evans) as Princess Madhuri aka Hunterwali, Boman Shroff, as Jaswant Jaidev, Sharifa, Master Mohammed, John, Cawas, Gulshan, Sayani, Atish

Hunterwali was the first lead role for Nadia. She came to be known as FEARLESS NADIA due to the many stunts that she performed many stunts in the film which were applauded by the audience. The film, an expensive venture, was a blockbuster. It was a story of a princess who fights injustice as the LADY WITH THE WHIP. It inspired numerous products, incorporating Hunterwali in their brand names. Because of the movie’s success, Nadia became a cult icon and starred in numerous stunt films, becoming Indian cinema’s “earliest and most popular stunt actress”.

Hunterwali Necklace


The intricate floral design in the centre of this iconic piece symbolizes the delicately beautiful princess. The swords surrounding the flower stand for her bravado and audacity, as she fights injustice as the masked crusader Hunterwali, protector of the poor. The black pearl embedded contrastingly against the pristine white gold brings out the wickedness of the dastardly villains. A celebration of feminine force, this piece truly tells the tale mesmerizingly.


Actor: Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Suchitra Sen, Motilal, Nazir Hussain

Set against the backdrop of rural Bengal during feudal times, Devdas is a young man from a wealthy Bengali Brahmin family in India in the early 1900s. Paro alias Parvati is a young woman from a middle class Bengali Brahmin family, but belonging to a slightly lower status in terms of caste, affluence and status. The two families lived in a village, and Devdas and Paro were childhood friends. The film is a tragic LOVE TRIANGLE involving Chandramukhi providing the third angle. In 2005, Indiatimes Movies ranked the movie amongst the Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films. Devdas was also ranked at Number 2 on University of Iowa’s List of Top 10 Bollywood Films by Corey K.

It was remade in 2012 by Sanjay LeelaBhansali set in modern times. We have created two iconic pieces depicting the years gone by and the change in consumer preferences.

Devdas earring


Inspired by the tragic love story of Devdas directed by BIMAL ROY, this earring, captures the yearning and the desperate wandering of Devdas, in search of his beloved Paro. The broken heart on top depicts the couple in love, and their unfinished story. The loss of Paro left nothing in Devdas’ life, except a broken heart and life-consuming alcohol, which is depicted in the middle. A work of art created inside the Kirtilals design lounge.

Necklace inspired by Sanjay LeelaBhansali’sDevdas


A piece that brings alive the heart-breaking saga of DEVDAS a man who loved. The heart shaped Red Rubies symbolize the pure love that hehad for Paro, his childhood sweetheart. It also symbolizes the unflinching love and devotion of a beautiful courtesan- Chandramukhi The intricately placed liquor glass made with dazzling Blue Topazand the liquor bottles dangling, made from flawless Pearls signify the agony of a life without Paro, which made alcohol Devdas’s constant companion.

Created inside the Kirtilals Design Lounge, this piece celebratesthe epic testimony of true love, which was pure, chaste and immortal.

The Eastman colour ERA

Mother India (1957)

Actor: Nargis, Sunil Dutt, Rajendra Kumar, Raaj Kumar, Kanhaiyalal

Adjusted for inflation, Mother India still ranks among the all-time Indian box office hits. Directed by Mehboob Khan, it was a remake of his 1940 film,Aurat.

Set against the backdrop of a changing India, cinema was at the peak of its glamour. These glory years of Indian cinema saw films that invoked patriotism and entertained with the aim to educate; and also big budget productions with grand sets, magnificent costumes and memorable music, depicting the glory of princely India. Allusions to Hindu mythology are abundant in the film, and its lead character has been seen as a representation of a Hindu woman who reflects high moral values and the concept of what it means to be a mother to society through self-sacrifice.

Mother India Necklace


A classically grandiose necklace dedicated by the jewelry-makers at Kirtilals to the mother of all Indian cinemas, Mother India. The complex visual imagery and intense relationships between mother and her children in the film is communicated visually in this piece. The heart in the middle symbolises the mother, the 2 roses are her offspring, and their thorns grow onto her delicate heart, hardening the central piece. The heritage of the Great Indian Wilderness and its richly alive culture is symbolically brought to life .

The Masala Potboiler Era

Masala films made their entry in the seventies. They guaranteed thrills with its hit formula of elaborate song and dance routines, action and iconic dialogues. The angry young man and the perfect romantic both had their following. It was the era of Dream girls and angry young men. Signature styles emerged not just in acting, but in fashion as well. Exotic locales like Paris, Rome, Switzerland and London became the go to locations for shooting of block buster. This trend was started by the late YASH CHOPRA.

Kirtilals chose two films namely Sholay and Don to create jewellery reminiscent with this era.

Sholay (1975)

Actor: Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar, Hema Malini, Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Amjad Khan

Sholay was the first film to be made in 70 MM. It proved a milestone in the careers of Salim Javed and other actors such as the late Amjad Khan and Amitabh Bachchcan.

It was heavily inspired from Hollywood Westerns or COWBOY films, and is a defining example of the masala film, which mixes several genres in one work. Scholars have noted several themes in the film, such as glorification of violence, conformation to feudal ethos, debate between social order and mobilised usurpers, homosocial bonding, and the film’s role as a national allegory. The film’s dialogues and certain characters such as SAMBHA and KALIYA became extremely popular, contributing to numerous cultural memes and becoming part of India’s daily vernacular.

Sholay Haram


This mesmerizing haram is an ode to the furious revenge ballad Sholay. The two birds symbolize the notorious friends and how they share the same vigor of youth, represented by the iolite. The chain ending in handcuffs represent their close calls with the law. The emerald also represents the one minded coin, and the ruby embedded snake, the famous villain. The blood red ruby represents the heroes’ fight waged in dignified duty to protect the women and town from the notorious Gabbar Singh.

DON 1 and 2

Actor: Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal, Boman Irani, Isha Koppikar, Om Puri


Amitabh BAchchan and Shahrukh Khan are both Bollywood icons. While Amitabh Bachchan played the rustic villager and the ruthless gangster with equal ease, Shahrukh’s Don is suave, stylish and cool. He makes Don seem like a James Bond with grey shades.

Kirtilals have created iconic jewels both the versions.

This intricately designed necklace is an ode to the ferocious complexities of the DON of Bollywood.

The finely inlayed jewels represent his friends, foes and policemen that feed into his odyssey.

The beautiful clasp adorning the necklace is made of a pair of handcuffs representing the Don’s teetering proximity with the law.

On wearing this choker one gets the chance to live in a modern day legend of crime and revenge.




Another spectacular creation from the artisans at the Kirtilal Design Studio.An homage to the bockbuster film ‘Don’. The intricate central gems, connote a meeting point of the 2 leads which get led by their stories by the depiction of the green pearls, and red gems represent the intricately changing nature of the game they play on the world. This ornate creation is an ever-lasting tribute to the spiralic nature of the Don.

The modern era


DilChahata Hai was the first film that heralded a new era in Bollywood.

The films have off beat themes and are targeted at the YOUTH frequenting malls and multiplexes. A younger generation of film directors, actors, costume and set designers have given Indian cinema’s latest avatar a whole new global appeal.

Indian films are making waves at film festivals globally before releasing in India. Fresher themes speak to a modern, global affluent Indians. The stories are compelling, the glamour is major, the fashion is bolder, the cars are faster, and of course the weddings are grander than ever before. Indian cinema has truly arrived.

With films such as ENGLISH VINGLISH and QUEEN the Indian women are taking centre stage. Content is finally the king not just in Bollywood but in regional films as well.

Kirtilals presents a piece from the 2014 film, QUEEN that catapulted KanganaRanaut in the big league.

The Queen’s necklace adorned is inspired by the Eiffel Tower; the beauty in the doubling of each head that composes the tower is crafted to represent Rani’s Punjabi origin.

The various natural gemstones represent her friends that she meets during her travel. The crown symbol with the lotus and hanging pearl represents the heroine. The jewelled butterfly is Rani’s best friend and the three ruby flower represent her room mates.

The oval citrine on the other hand is Rani’s ill fated fiancé that gives her an opportunity to discover her true self.

The single edition iconic Bollywood collection pieces can be viewed with prior appointment. Please contact  Or write to us on enquiry@kirtilals.com

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