How to pair your diamond nose pin with other jewellery


How to pair your diamond nose pin with other jewellery?

The diamond nose pin is a timeless jewellery option that can help add elegance, beauty and a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. But how do you pair this exquisite piece with other jewellery to create a harmonious look? Here, we share some of the common diamond nose pin designs and how you can pair them with other jewellery to achieve a complete look. 

1. Floral nose pins:

Floral nose pins, with their intricate diamond patterns resembling delicate blooms, add a touch of elegance and timeless beauty to your overall look. Here's how to make them the star of the show:

Earrings: Opt for earrings that complement the floral theme. Delicate stud earrings with diamond clusters or nature-inspired motifs such as leaves or vines can create a cohesive look. If the floral design on your nose pin is elaborate, keep the earrings simple to avoid overwhelming the face.

Necklace: A necklace with a diamond pendant that is similar to the floral design of your nose pin creates a beautifully coordinated look. Or, you can opt for a simple chain with a solitaire diamond pendant that lets the floral design take centre stage.

Bangles: Keep your bangles elegant. Opt for thin bangles with diamond accents or delicate gold bangles. Avoid chunky bangles that might compete with the floral details of your nose pin.

2. Solitaire nose pin:

The solitaire nose pin designs feature a single sparkling diamond that exudes a feeling of timeless elegance and sophistication. You can elevate the charm of this nose pin by pairing it with the following jewellery. 

Earrings: Diamond stud earrings pair well with solitaire nose pins. The simplicity of the studs lets the single diamond of the nose pin to shine. However, for a bolder look, consider halo earrings with a central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds.

Necklace: A solitaire diamond pendant necklace creates a classic and sophisticated pairing. The matching brilliance of the diamond of the pin and necklace will create a sense of balance and harmony.

3. Leaf nose stud:

The leaf nose stud features  a diamond-encrusted leaf design. It helps add a touch of nature's elegance to your look. Here's how to create a look that complements its natural beauty:

Earrings: Nature-inspired earrings are a perfect match for the leaf nose stud. Diamond stud earrings with a leaf motif or delicate vine designs can create a harmonious look. 

Necklace: A nature-inspired pendant necklace with a diamond centrepiece will complement the leaf design.

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