How to pair diamond chokers with various outfits


How to pair diamond chokers with various outfits

 Diamond chokers are one of the most versatile jewelry options. They can be styled in a wide range of ways - they can complement traditional outfits, such as lehengas and saris, just as well as they do evening gowns and formal wear. Here, we share some of the useful styling tips when pairing diamond chokers with specific outfits.  


1.       Diamond choker with a sari:


Diamond chokers help elevate your sari looks with their incredible opulence. You can choose a choker that showcases intricate detailing and craftsmanship. This makes it the perfect combination for a sari that has a rich design or print. Another way to style the jewelry would be to opt for a diamond choker that has the same pattern as that of the sari. A diamond choker can add a touch of sophistication to all kinds of sari looks, whether you are wearing solid-colored or vibrant print saris.


2.       Diamond choker with lehengas:


Pick a diamond choker that matches the embellishments of the lehenga you are wearing. This ensures a cohesive look. Another trick is to choose a simple choker if your lehenga has heavy embroidery. Do the opposite if your lehenga’s design is on the simpler side. The diamond choker’s length should also complement the neckline of your blouse. In this look, you should minimize the use of other accessories, so that the grandeur of the diamond choker can shine through.  


3.       Diamond choker with evening gowns:


Diamond chokers are the perfect way to accessorize your formal evening gowns. Opt for a choker that complements the neckline of the gown you wear. For instance, if you are putting on a gown with a sweetheart neckline, you should opt for traditional diamond chokers that snugly fit around your neck. On the other hand, if you are putting on a gown with a plunging neckline, a longer choker would be appropriate. 


4.       Diamond choker with a formal shirt:


If you are trying to pull off a formal look with a diamond choker, you can try pairing it with a crisp white shirt. Although unexpected, this combination can add a touch of glamor without being too overwhelming. The diamond choker you pick should have a delicate and subtle charm, which can create an impactful style statement. 


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