Glow and Go


Glow and Go

Diamonds need not necessarily be reserved for special occasions. How about making every day special with diamond jewellery that is light, casual, and practical? That’s the idea behind Glow and Go, a collection by Kirtilals that weaves together simple and easily wearable pieces of jewellery for the modern Indian woman.

If there was one word to describe the collection, it would have to be versatile. Crafted to be worn for multiple occasions – whether casual or special – the range speaks to the modern woman who is not always looking for heavy set pieces. The designs are contemporary yet retain some classic undertones, and they draw inspiration from nature and everyday sights.

The Oscillating Heart pendant is a perfect example of the style used in this range. Done up in 18Kt rose gold studded with 0.2 carat EFG VVS1 diamonds, this heart shaped pendant is sure to add sparkle to your wardrobe. Radiating subtle sophistication, the unusual pendulum shaped heart pendant is definitely something you’d want to own.

The Chandelier Diamond Pendant, as the name suggests, resembles a chandelier. The diamond clusters are arranged in a triangular pattern, making this a great piece to pair with your deep-neck outfits.

The Glowing Floret Diamond pendant stands out for its impeccable design featuring a gold sphere studded with glittering diamonds. The stylish and elegant pendant in rose gold is sure to make heads turn, and is a piece of jewellery that is designed to go with most of your wardrobe.

The Snazzy Dangling Earring is a symbolic representation of the body and the soul, both of which are inseparable. Except, that both body and soul here are studded with diamonds. There is a certain royal aura that the pair of earrings exudes, and it does so without being over the top, making it a great pick for a dinner or a special evening.

The Regal Diamond Ring in 18Kt rose gold and 0.14 carat EFG VVS1 diamonds is true to its name and quite a stunner at that. Featuring a row of diamonds and a contrasting layer of diamonds atop the crown, this ring is certainly a cut above the rest.

These veritable shapeshifters are crafted to appeal to the modern woman who is an independent go-getter. She chases her dreams and doesn’t hold back. Glow and Go seeks to honour the attributes of the woman of today, while making sure that every day is a celebration of who she is. The price of the collection is in an affordable range between Rs.6,500 and Rs.2.75 lakh, making it a great buy for the working woman.

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