Birthstones for Each Month

Birthstones for Each Month

Birthstones represent the birth month of an individual, covering all calendar months from January to December. Their vibrant and vivid colours have long been a way to connect your birth month with unique gemstones.

These birthstones signify wellness and fortune and are a part of both modern society and ancient times. Different birthstones are engraved on various jewellery pieces, such as engagement rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and more.

Birthstones are more than just glittering gifts and are intricately designed to help you seize the day by bringing a new ray of hope every day.

What are the Birthstones for 12 Calendar Months? 

Garnet (January)

A Garnet birthstone is believed to protect people from negative incidents and is known as a "Symbol of Life". Originally a deep red gem, it complements different jewellery and comes in various colours like black, green, yellow, brown, and more.

Amethyst (February)

The February birthstone, Amethyst, is created from the impurities of quartz. These impurities give the gemstone its purple colour. It signifies wisdom and comes in two colours - purple and violet.

Aquamarine (March)

Primarily found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia, the elegant Aquamarine gemstone signifies serenity. Its pretty blue colour can complement your different jewellery and offer benefits like loyalty and calmness.

Diamond (April)

Diamonds are one of the most sparkly substances on Earth and come in different shapes and sizes. Kirtilals offer the best luxury jewellery collection.

Emerald (May)

Created based on the impurities found in Beryl, this beautiful green gemstone can be a perfect gift for your loved ones born in May.

Pearl (June)

Amongst the other gemstones, the pearl is the most wonderful gemstone engraved on jewellery and comes in different colours like white, pink, silver, cream, and more.

Ruby (July)

Ruby reflects the beauty of ancient times and has the power to protect from negative effects and bring fame to the person wearing it. You can engrave this gemstone in jewellery like engagement rings, necklaces, and more.

Peridot (August)

Derived from the Greek word, "Peridot" means "giving plenty" and primarily features green colour; however, you can choose different colours in peridot, like yellow, olive brown, and more.

Sapphire (September)

Blue in colour, Sapphire is a symbol of calmness and is one of the most popular and demanding gemstones globally.

Tourmaline (October)

The stunning purple coloured gemstone is a symbol of happiness, calmness, and motivation. Its excellent craftsmanship reflects its uniqueness and elegance.

Golden Topaz (November)

It comes in pretty yellow hues and can elevate your entire appearance. If you are a November born, this gemstone is a must.

Zircon, Topaz, Tanzanite (December)

December has three gemstones that benefit December borns with self-confidence, improved spiritual power, and healing ability.

Kirtilals Recommended Picks

The vibrant hues of these gemstones can bring you good fortune and happiness by making you look enthralling. But here are some of our favourite picks that can complement every piece of jewellery you wear:

- Diamonds for engagement rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and more can make every head turn.

- Red Ruby for wedding rings, necklaces, and other jewellery to complete your ensemble.

So, check your birthstone right away!