80 years of design journey

November 14

Design Guru Lou Danziger once said, “Design is intelligence made visible”. A look at Kirtilals’ 80 years long design journey is testimony to this. For 80 years the Kirtilals design lab has been the gold mine of exquisite jewellery design, be it classics or contemporary, traditional or functional, intricate or minimalistic concepts. With over 5 lakh designs in its repository, this design journey is fascinating to say the least.

An 80 year old brand can be trusted to have an expert eye and proficient hand for traditional motifs and styles. Kirtilals is known across South India for its authentic design and crafting of temple jewellery, a must have in your vintage collection. Popular to this day, temple jewellery continues to occupy a place of pride in every Kirtilals store. But imagination is a wild bird and the scope for design is truly infinite when you dare to imagine the impossible. Kirtilals has pushed possibilities in design with some rather unique pieces. And there is a method to the madness! Every design originates from an inspiration or idea. It could be elements from nature or things from everyday life that seed a design concept in the mind of the visualizer.


From that moment onwards, the jewellery piece becomes the designer’s baby. A creation put together gently, tastefully and intelligently. Every cut, curve and contour is thoughtfully placed, every socket that is carved and every stone that’s is studded carries a purpose. The final output, a masterpiece that is born in the designers’ mind and shaped through his or her vision into reality.

This is also the reason why some designs can never have alternative versions. Genius is rare, and is crafted only for the deserving. Kirtilals Single Edition is a collection of designs made only once and never reproduced. Rare gems, design aesthetics from across the world and hard to match quality are the hallmarks of Single Edition pieces.

single edition pieces with product description

Customization is a key component that defines luxury. In the world of jewellery even more so, where the customer wishes to own something unique that suits her persona. Kiritlals designers are available at showrooms where clients can sit across the design table to create their own design. Be it a small variation, a different stone or a personal touch, 100% customised designs are made possible as per the clients wishes.

client and designer at the store

It is this flexibility and an open mind that has made innovation a USP at Kirtilals. Marrying Art with Science, Kirtilals has pioneered a revolution in design concepts. The Clutch Collection offers expandable jewellery. Stunning heavy pieces that can be dismantled and fit into a tiny box suitable for travel. Open the little magic box and watch necklaces, earrings, and bracelets take shape from its contents.

Clutch Collection

Another design innovation is the Versatile Collection, a range of multi-purpose jewellery. Necklaces become earrings become pendants become bracelets! Buy one piece and own a whole set, wear a new accessory for every occasion.

Versatile Collection

From traditionalists who believe in heirlooms to millennials who want something new and out of the ordinary, Kirtilals is the go to place. Pleasing 4 generations of the same family is no easy task, but Kirtilals has done this with flare for 80 years. Imagination makes one truly infinite, we hope to touch the sky with this spirit and have you, our valued customer, join us on this fascinating design journey.