80 years of design journey

November 14

Design Guru Lou Danziger once said, “Design is intelligence made visible”. A look at Kirtilals’ 80 years long design journey is testimony to this. For 80 years the Kirtilals design lab has been the gold mine of exquisite jewellery design, be it classics or contemporary, traditional or functional, intricate or minimalistic concepts. With over 5 lakh designs in its repository, this design journey is fascinating to say the least.

An 80 year old brand can be trusted to have an expert eye and proficient hand for traditional motifs and styles. Kirtilals is known across South India for its authentic design and crafting of temple jewellery, a must have in your vintage collection. Popular to this day, temple jewellery continues to occupy a place of pride in every Kirtilals store. But imagination is a wild bird and the scope for design is truly infinite when you dare to imagine the impossible. Kirtilals has pushed possibilities in design with some rather unique pieces. And there is a method to the madness! Every design originates from an inspiration or idea. It could be elements from nature or things from everyday life that seed a design concept in the mind of the visualizer.


80 Years of Kirtilals

September 11

Kirtilals 80 Years

8 decades of trust, 4174 weeks of spreading smiles, 29220 days to celebrate your special moments and 701280 hours of focus to build that trust, bring that smile and make that moment truly special. That is what Kirtilals’ 80 year journey is all about! Since its inception, Kirtilals has been a name synonymous with elegance and expert craftsmanship. As we celebrate 80 years of history, we owe our success and rich legacy to the love showered on us by our patrons.

Alternative beginning

1939- A year of great upheaval across the world. This was the year that shaped the future of the world in many ways. History remembers this year for the beginning of World War 2, the years that followed created new nations, political orders and ways of life. In this remarkable year, a jeweler in South India set a stone in gold and planted the seeds of a tree that was destined to blossom for the next 8 decades, bearing is executed with pristine perfection. With the advent of modern technology, craftsmanship acquired a new meaning, we were quick to learn and build on this resource, thus improving precision while maintaining the eye for aesthetics of the traditional karigar. While we value tradition and believe that classics never go out of fashion, we have the customer’s pulse. After all, 80 years of making jewelry means adorning several generations. Contemporary designs and pieces catering to modern tastes take place of pride in our catalogue and store shelves, side by side timeless traditional masterpieces.




Evergreen Treasure

August 23

Kirtilals launches new CSR initiative by planting saplings at North Coimbatore Flyover Garden

The event was graced by The Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore.

Coimbatore, 17th August 2019: Kirtilals – a premium fine diamond and gold jewellery brandlaunched their CSR initiative “Evergreen Treasures by Kirtilals”, by planting saplings at North Coimbatore Flyover Garden.The Commissioner of Police, Thiru. Sumit Sharan I.P.S. graced the occasion along with Kirtilals Managing Director Mr. T. Shantakumar and Director Mr. Suraj Shantakumar

“Evergreen Treasures by Kirtilals” is a proud CSR initiative in which saplings were planted in the presence of the said dignitaries, by students of schools and colleges and the general public to support Mother Nature. This initiative was launched to encourage every individual who’s a part of the Kirtilals family to walk together towards a greener planet.

Through this campaign, Kirtilals aims to plant indigenous and herbal plants across South India to maintain the balance among the flora and fauna of our environment. Kirtilals’ aims to do this for the futuristic betterment of the upcoming generations. To create a safe environment by creating awareness among the general public; Kirtilals yearns to educate them about the current environmental scenario.

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